Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why I love texting

Note: I sent this message today in response to an online CS Monitor article, "100 texts a day? That's the norm for many US teens."

I'm a spiritually-minded grandmother and I LOVE TEXTING - for another reason. For me, it's quality not quantity that sets the standard. I pray for words to share with one who is needing encouragement or support. Short, powerful words of truth and love come easily, and I type a simple short, true sentence. Love does the work: I'm just passing on the message.


Friday, April 09, 2010

The Balance of my Thought

Today's question:

Do you believe more in the goodness of God
or the evil of man?

It's a balancing act - every day, every moment. As mortals we are confronted with all sorts of contrasting pictures, suggestions, experiences. It's just part of being human. We get to see it all and decide: Do we want more or less of what we see?

Jesus told the fishermen - who had fished all night and caught nothing - to cast their nets on the right side. They did, and could barely haul in the load of fish that came into their nets.

This is an important teaching. If we are consciously knowing and feeling the goodness of God in our day, more genuine good will swim into our day.
On the other hand, if we are worrying more about bad things that might happen, more unwelcome things will come our way.
Our thoughts and feelings have power to shape the feeling-tone and substance of our days.

So I choose to think about what I believe is true.
I choose to know that God is good, and good things come from God.
I don't have to know how they will come: God takes care of that.
My job is to move the balance of my thought from lack - to Love.
When I don't know something, can't find something, I can trust that God who is Love, will guide me to what I need. God who is all-knowing Mind will help me to know.

I choose to put the balance of my thought with divine Love, and all that Love provides.
This is a comfort and a kindness I give myself, the gift of remembering God.
It's a daily practice, a daily remembering, a daily putting the net on the right side.

Thank you Love