Monday, January 28, 2008

Clinton Campaign Tactics

Obama is right to wonder who he is campaigning against. For Bill Clinton to sink to lowball racial profiling when the hopes of a nation are rising is the cruelest joke of this campaign. And it backfires sharply on the Clintons.

Clearly, Bill doesn’t have enough to do. At least when he was president, the job kept his enormous energies engaged. Well, with a few exceptions, that is. But Bill’s behavior now reflects very badly on Hillary. Either she is directing him (very bad) or she has no control over what he does (most likely and equally bad).

Meanwhile, Obama represents real hope for a future we can all be proud of. He inspires me, a white grandmother, to write and care about politics. He stirs the imagination of a whole young generation. How wonderful is that!

Gail 1/28/08


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Message to Barack and Hillary

There is one issue that cuts across all other issues and that is Energy Independence. Hydrogen, solar, geothermal, wave-action - a huge R&D must happen for America and for planet Earth. Personally, I believe hydrogen - extracted by splitting the water molecule with a ray of solar energy - will be the the clean and renewable way. But with abundant energy, we would not need Middle East oil. With the economic boom of a new energy economy we would not fear for our jobs, our future. With clean energy for America and the world, Planet Earth could slow global warming. Please raise this issue to the forefront. America needs to take the lead again at this most crucial time. Think of the jobs that will come, and the freedom.
Thank you,
Gail Murray


Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year America!

"The simple truth is that hardly anyone realized what an extraordinary candidate Senator Barack Obama would turn out to be... However this election turns out, Mr. Obama can be credited with a great achievement. He has drawn tons of people, and especially young people, into the political process. More than anyone else, he has re-energized that process and put some of the fun back into politics. And he’s done it by appealing openly and consistently to the best, rather than the worst, in us."

- New York Times Op-Ed columnist Bob Herbert 1/5/08

Dan and I watched campaign news until late last night. There has hardly ever been a better, more exiciting night of political commentary on TV. And this morning's New York Times comment quoted above pretty much sums it up.

Happy New Year America!   Hope is on the rise.