Sunday, May 28, 2006

For Dan and the Morning

Don’t let this day begin
except for sunlight
opening the petals
of my heart.

This could be the last day
or the first,
I know not which.

But let me savor
every dog cat bird
and especially you
my dearest friend.

Let the trash overflow
the email wait unopened
unplug the phone
I am home.

gg murray 5/28/06

Friday, May 19, 2006

DaVinci Code - the Movie

My husband and I managed to squeeze in a mid-afternoon showing of the much-hyped DaVinci Code movie on its opening day. I had read the book last year – fascinated, unable to put it down.

The movie did not disappoint. I was thrilled to see the architecture described in the book - the Louvre, as well as the renowned chapels and cathedrals. The actors did a masterful job expressing the key characters in the book, and the overall theme of ancient suppression of priceless spiritual wisdom comes through clearly. Also, one couldn't help noticing the faithful holding signs protesting the movie on the road outside the theatre.

I left the movie deeply affected, silent, not finding words for the emotions that were surfacing. We drove home in silence. Finally the words come. They address both freedom and identity, and the truth of these ideals is indeed worth demonstrating FOR, not against, with whole lives lived.

I am that sacred feminine – and so is every woman on earth. That our culture suppresses and distorts this sacred power is to me the real crime against humanity, and someday our true worth will be known and cherished. Someday our real power, the Yin co-equal and naturally balancing the Yang of our brothers’ masculine energy, will be a normal and healthy part of female awareness.

Someday religion and science will not be afraid of each other. Power will take on a different meaning as we learn to deeply understand our own consciousness and its marvelous ability to create. Neither will we fear death, for the world of spirit has no beginning and no end.

Until that day comes, let us honor the divine within, keep the lamp of awareness lit, so that we will not be confused by distorted images – regardless of the forms in which they appear.

We need never fear what we are. We may always freely turn from what we are not. This is the true meaning of freedom, a path we have barely trod upon.

gg murray 5/22/06

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Gas prices?

I posted this today on the Providence Journal's website, in response to the question, "What should Congress be doing to bring gas prices under control?"

I must be from another planet because I think gas prices should cost much more - maybe $10 a gallon! How else will we pay for the serious research and development for clean alternatives like hydrogen, and the infrastructure to deliver them to the fuel pumps of the future? Not to mention the conversion of every vehicle still running when new fuels become available. We have some years of transition ahead of us. May we have the leadership and the courage to honestly deal with the changes that must come.