Friday, July 03, 2009

in the BlackBerry patch...!

Lord help me, I am the proud and confused new owner of a BlackBerry Curve phone/camera/browser/GPS/and who knows what else! This is a world of multiple applications, teeny-weeny keys, brilliant displays, and and and... Even my BlackBerry for Dummies book is not a huge help, though I did manage to upload my first group of pictures to my computer this morning, and emailed them.

Still, the device is truly exciting for its possibilities. Instead of a purse bulging with all the devices I like to carry (cell phone, camera, notebook, etc) I have this slim little thing that fits in my pocket!

All I wish for now is a BlackBerry buddy, a patient friend who can guide me through the BB world. Still, I think the main person who needs to be patient - is me. When I think of the s t e e p learning curves I've already managed in my years as a computer programmer, I know that even this one will eventually yield and become second nature. Be curious... be kind to self... trust there is an answer... know that Love is guiding me... and it does.

Meanwhile, across the ocean, my grandaughter Megan is experiencing summer as an exchange student in Finland! She competed for and won this scholarship, and I am immensely proud of her. Not only that, but she is blogging her experience at and it is a very fun read!