Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate Party afterthoughts...

Last night Dan and I went to the first Obama-McCain presidential debate at the home of a welcoming couple from Narragansett with a very large screen TV.

This is one of the things I love about Obama - the way his campaign uses the web to make it easy for people to connect and communicate. Democracy comes alive! We were about fifteen people, mostly strangers when the evening started, making connections, sharing insights, offering our heartfelt support to our amazing candidate, Barack Obama.

I think it's fascinating - how men and women see the debates in terms of winning or losing on the intellectual debate points themselves. Dan thought McCain won last night's debate on that basis. Not me. During the primaries, he thought Hillary won - again and again. Not me. The candidate who gets my vote is the one who can make me feel a future I want to live in, a diversity that is a joy to be a part of, a clean energy economy that will free us from oil and oil wars, the one who helps me come alive to my very own job - as Citizen Gail.

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