Thursday, September 04, 2008

Uneasy with Politics

I just deleted a previous blog post on Sarah Palin since I cannot confirm that the photo is authentic - a rifle-toting beauty wearing an American flag bikini. Some have suggested Palin's head could have been photo shopped onto the image of another woman's body. But the photo certainly made me uneasy.

Time to think on more positive aspects of life in America, life as a woman and grandmother, life as a spiritual being having a human experience on our dear planet Earth.

Somehow many of the political words and slogans flying through the air these days have nothing to do with the real potential that we have. Not that we should look to politics for spiritual nourishment, but we do look for truth, for hope, for respect.

Personally, I find that Obama has the qualities we most need as a nation at this critical time. But I am not waiting for November to see the change. I am going to see it everywhere, by using my spiritual vision now.

This means appreciating every sign of good in my life, and in your life too. Feeling that welling up of gladness at every recognition, no matter how fleeting, that there is a great and unseen power for good operating at every moment, on every level, of this earthly spiritual experience.

Having true thoughts changes me, and my thoughts in turn affect the world around me. It is an intimate process of give-and-take, signals received and offered, all in a day's living.

Gail 9/4/08