Thursday, May 08, 2008

After the War: a Reckoning

I think people now know that Bush attacked Iraq for oil - it was a made-up war - and 9/11 made it easy to fan the flames.

The question now is: Knowing the dwindling supplies of oil, the instability of the oil-rich countries, the growing appetite of emerging industrial nations, the melting icecaps, and our own indefensible dependence on oil... What to do next?

I think a Manhattan Project for clean energy independence is the most needed response - for America and the world. Imagine the new industries to be stimulated, the schools of Energy Engineering, the blessings to planet and economy.

For the Iraq War we owe a deep apology - to the Iraqi people from the American people. Allowing this abuse of our democracy by Bush & Co is as shameful to our history as Hitler's manipulation of the German people in WW2 is to the Germans. A nightmare by any other name is still a nightmare. We must wake up from it, reclaim our moral bearings, and together with other nations, chart a new path into a vibrant future.

With hope for us all,