Sunday, March 02, 2008

Paul Loeb on Obama vs Clinton

Paul Loeb, author of "Soul of a Citizen", offers some insightful observations about the experience and organizing skills of the two Democratic contenders. While many of their positions are similar, he thinks Obama demonstrates the ability to mobilize ordinary citizens, and especially youth, toward that more perfect Union for which our country was formed.

A quote from Loeb's most recent article:

"If I look at both Obama's record and his campaign, I see someone who understands the critical role of citizen movements and works to build them as a force capable of creating major change. That's what we've needed to address the major challenges of the past. It's what we'll need to address this ultimate crisis we've created through the combination of technological inventiveness and short-focus blindness. The Clintons may have spoken out against the Vietnam War when they were young, but they've been hedging their bets and distancing themselves from citizen movements ever since. We need a movement-building approach for global climate changeĀ­and for all the other crises America's next president will inherit from Bush's disastrous reign."

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