Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finding the Flow

Coming upon this sketch this morning as I reach for an improvement in my thought and body. What a surprise to find this funny and deep message! A sketch I made a few years ago, a gift sent up from the past to the present me. Just what the inner Doctor ordered.

It reminds me of the beautiful and endless flow of life, truth, and love from my divine Source, God, Love itself.

Love is already supplying me with all that I need, and my part is simply to realize this, feel the relief of it, and turn my tired thought downstream, and go with the Flow…!

The Flow is always on, always giving – and here as I write this, the phone rings and it is my beloved brother, calling from Florida. We have a warm and heartfelt chat, and I am once again amazed at the serendipity of it, at all the ways that Love shows itself …when I am simply ready to receive.

Citizen Gail 10/21/08