Sunday, December 23, 2007

Barack and Hillary

This cartoon by Barry Blitt in today's captures the intuitive sense I have of these two candidates. Barack, light and free and flexible. Hillary, burdened by baggage of all kinds, most especially by the tone-deaf campaigning of her husband, Bill.
Right from the start, I've thought that Hillary should stay in the Senate and serve the people by doing a great job there. She is doing a great job, by all means continue it!
At this moment in its history, the country needs uplifting in every way. Young though he is, I think Barack Obama has a sense of the direction we need to go, with the emphasis on 'We'. Not a pompous speech-maker, he resonates directly with the hope of a country where every man and woman has a chance for a full and fruitful life. By his very life he exemplifies a reason for that hope. And by his intelligence and inclusiveness he leads in a way that leaves no one behind.
This is a desperate period for America. It is time for a new type of leader. I pray we may have the guidance to choose well, and to live up to the real promise of freedoms we have - but barely know how to use.
Gail Murray