Sunday, October 21, 2007

Aloneness and Creation

I am drawn to ponder the word ALONE,
and in that pondering remember its opposite,
which is almost completed by the word ALONE:

Whether coupled or single, I think the external manifestation is always a match to the inner reality of the individual. We can be lonely in a couple or a crowd, or happy and fulfilled alone or with others. What are we doing with our powerful imagination? What are we making in the workshop of our mind? What images pulse with feeling and color - desirable or undesirable. These are the ones we are giving life to. Are they what we want?

This is such a slippery subject, the objects of attention and emotion in one's own mind. We naturally want to blame outer circumstances, people, conditions for the state we find ourselves in. Yet we are in charge of our own experience. I think this is an inescapable conclusion. But also, when faced directly, is enormously freeing. And empowering.

The notion that I can turn my thought to something that nourishes and encourages, that gives me beauty, that soothes and uplifts - that is a huge awakening. Even a glimpse of this, as when a door opens just a crack, can let in enough light to start the journey. One step at a time, one thought at a time, moving toward that which offers its blessing.