Saturday, August 18, 2007

Office of Citizen

From an email to Bill McDannell, who has walked across America to deliver a petition to Congress to end the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan . He has finally arrived in Washington. - Gail

Today's Abraham message, coming in my daily email, seems especially relevant to share:

Your government is the byproduct of the vibration of the masses. A war is the byproduct of the vibration of the masses. In other words, this is not a war that your government has waged against your will. This is a war that has grown vibrationally from the vibration of the masses.
--- Abraham-Hicks 5/8/2004

We have been badly served by our current leaders. Now it is our turn.

I think the real task - for those of us who want a better world - is to reclaim the power of the Office of Citizen in a vibrant democracy. To me, that is the real meaning of what you have done. Let's step outside our own comfort zones. Step outside the War on You-name-it kind of thinking. Begin imagining the much better America we all want to see - made up of American citizens who know their rights, who are not afraid to dream, to lead, to take the first step in faith. And all those steps that flow from that courageous act. Let us be the change we want to see happen in the world.