Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Toward a Vibrant Energy Economy

When I think about America, the future, and the things that must be done to make us whole again, the biggest item on my list is ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. Why do so many people fail to make the obvious connection between our lack of a vibrant energy initiative and our wars in the Middle East?

I've been watching Ken Burns' series "The War" on PBS this week and it is awesome. What becomes so clear is the difference in spirit between the Iraq War and World War 2. WW2 touched everyone, transformed the economy and the industrial base of the country, opened the way for the Civil Rights and Women's movements, and so much more. Every citizen was doing something for the war - even the children. Contrast that with our fearless leader's encouragement after 9/11 to go out and shop.

If we were serious about winning energy independence, and thus end our coveting of foreign oil, we would initiate a Moon Shot or WW2 level of focus and commitment that engaged every citizen. The whole planet would benefit as natural clean energy sources were discovered, tapped, and put to work for us. We would recycle everything. We would stimulate A WHOLE NEW INDUSTRIAL BASE and economic wealth. In the process, we would even put the brakes on global warming!

We have to forget fossil and nuclear fuels in order to clear our minds for the work ahead. No, we're not going back to the stone age, we're going forward into a dynamic and abundant future. A future where we understand the energy exchange between sun and leaf, oxygen and carbon dioxide, and can put that knowledge to work for us. Where we naturally split the water molecule into its hydrogen and oxygen elements with a pure beam of sunlight.

And let's not call it a 'War On' anything. It's a vision, a prayer, a shining bridge to the future.

Gail Murray