Thursday, December 28, 2006

Independence and the American Spirit

I believe we owe the Iraqi people a profound apology for the slaughter and destruction our policies have caused.

We owe our soldiers work that does not make us ashamed.

And we owe America a real pathway to energy independence by devoting war dollars to R&D dollars for clean renewable energy.

The energy independence I seek will be a real homeland security because it will be generated on every rooftop, captured on every windy hill and plain, derived from ocean waves, and captured from water by splitting the water molecule into hydrogen and oxygen.

Just as victory gardens sprang up at an earlier time in our history - and may take root again - we can turn from huge and vulnerable energy grids to locally generated energy. I think of Rosie the Riveter, the World War 2 poster girl for the American can-do spirit. We can do this - and we must.

Let us send no more of our precious men and women to the killing fields of Iraq. We have work to do here at home, urgent work, and we better get to it.

Gail Murray 12/28/06