Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I get political - a word for Tony Trupiano

As the writing in this blog can attest, I have passion for both spirituality and politics. I care about how people are doing, whether our lives are full of hope and a can-do feeling, or whether we are trailing our wings in the dust. True, we are each responsible for what we do with our own wings, but also how we add to the whole. We matter - very much - even if we are afraid our voices don't matter at all.

So I am very heartened when men and women rise up among us and give us hope for a much better America. This campaign season I have found exciting common ground with a new development on the political landscape - Progressive Democrats of America http://www.pdamerica.org/ Click on that link and see the remarkable diversity and energy of this group. My small role is to help edit materials before they are published.

Here, for example, is a piece by Bill Shaw, in support of Tony Trupiano, running for US Congress in Michigan:

Tony Trupiano, is one of us and he needs our help!

The dividends from your donation are Tax-Free! https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/entity/8931

Tony Trupiano is running for US Congress (D-MI). Tony has a powerful connection with everyday Americans. His call for social and economic equality by investing in our future are what makes his campaign connect with most Americans regardless of party affiliation.

His strong stances include:
** achieving energy independence and creating real jobs – by investing in alternative energy technologies;
** cutting middle class taxes while reforming millionaire and big corporate tax loop holes to alleviate the tax burden on property owners; and
** delivering affordable healthcare for all Americans.

Tony is a fiscally, responsible, passionate progressive Democrat, a working Congressman, the peoples’ voice – a voice for all Americans. Many consider Tony the voice of the middle class and labor and a 70’s style Democrat, referring to his likeability, independence and building bridges, not walls views. To see Tony’s site go to http://www.tony4congress2006.com/.

Tony’s campaign is for the people, our kids and our seniors. Tony needs your help, just as children need your help, and America needs your help. The Congressional seat in Michigan’s 11th district is a seat that needs a bright working Congressman.

Tony is in a race with the (R)Deputy Whip. Tony's campaign was originally written off until he won his primary and is racing to the top. Currently even Tony’s political opponent's campaign team admits he is within 3-5% points of winning. His endorsements are incredible, including the CPC Congressional Progressive Caucus that currently has 62 elected congressional men/women as members in the house.

Progressive Democrats of America are proud endorsers of Tony's campaign. We have been leading the campaign from day one. Tony also is an extremely popular radio talk show host, http://www.TheTonyShow.com , and one of us. Please help him with whatever you can! Dig into your ashtray, pennies jar and even look under the cushions of your couch. I guarantee you'll come up with at least $10! Hell, even $10 would go a long way over this last week. Contribute to Tony Trupiano and help elect one of us to Congress. The dividends will make you rich with peace of mind. Click here to Contribute NOW! https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/entity/8931

The grassroots community has always been underestimated! You can help prove the critics wrong AGAIN. And for a laugh, check out this You-Tube video, it's hilarious!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLWeCSD4Xfo Have you had enough?

Your children, our children, and our children’s children thank you in advance.

William Shaw
National Ally Coordinator
Progressive Democrats of America