Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Energy and War

Won't someone in Washington please get real? We have no energy policy that will enable us to withdraw from our unhealthy addiction to other countries' oil. While we have been ruining the country of Iraq and spending countless lives and dollars, we have not been doing what we should have been doing all the while: DEVELOPING NEW SOURCES OF ENERGY.

This is so staggeringly obvious, I wonder at the sanity of our culture. We all drive cars every day. We heat our homes, power our lights, machines, computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs with electricity - largely generated by oil.

Nuclear would seem to be the 'quick fix' for powering our civilization - quick and dirty. Hydrogen and bio-fuels exist as an embryonic hope. But we are a long way from the years of R&D it will take to develop clean, stable, ubiquitous energy delivered to wherever it is needed. Every day wasted guzzling gas and fueling war is a day lost to American peace and prosperity.

Gail Murray 12/20/06