Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Body, Soul, and this Human Experience

There is the body, having an experience here on earth.

There is the mind that feels and creates the body of experience here on earth, including the physical body, and is capable of sensing both body and soul.

There is the individual soul itself, yearning to fully express on earth what it always knows of heaven, as the human mind can come into agreement with what the soul knows to be true.

There is Law of Attraction, endlessly propagating the desires of every being. These creations are held in vibrational safekeeping until the mind can come into alignment with them.

Thus the Universe expands, with every being offering creations in thought that wait in safekeeping until the being comes into emotional alignment with its own creations.

The creations themselves are neutral, and the person who made them may or may not realize that he did make them. But in every case the creations – in body or circumstance – perfectly express the objects of desire (or fear) and the degree of emotional alignment (or belief) with those desires.

To maintain and increase desirable creations, one must maintain an emotional stability that recognizes and allows the soul’s beautiful nature to express itself. This is achieved through daily spiritual practice, through coming into conscious alignment with the truth of one’s own soul – which is boundless, generous, infinitely kind – and feels wonderful.

To change undesirable conditions in body or circumstance, one must understandingly and consciously focus on things that feel better to contemplate. This shift happens gradually, by degrees, as resistance softens, and one becomes willing to voluntarily shift one’s habit of focus in daily life. Some contemplate heavenly things, some immerse themselves in nature, music, or art. Some companion with animals or friends. Some write, and explore to the source of their own eternal truth.

This is the essential spiritual skill, to know what you are aiming for: to know how good and wonderful the Universe is, and to maintain a trusting confidence in the natural unfoldment of that good. By allowing our own soul’s heavenly beauty to express, we can each contribute our maximum gift to our fellow beings on earth.

Gail Murray 7/5/06