Saturday, November 14, 2009

Uneasy with Afghanistan

Here is a message sent to Christopher Lydon after listening to his conversation with David Bromwich. You can hear the full recording at:

Chris, This was a very timely and thoughtful conversation. I too have felt disappointment with Obama, and this conversation sheds light on the incredible forces at work as the Military-Industrial coalition seeks to expand its influence and protect its own.

I have long felt uneasy about Afghanistan - something about it just didn't add up. And now even more so. I think the approach of Greg Mortenson's book "Three Cups of Tea", building schools for girls in remote areas of Pakistan, would do more for Afghan culture and hope than all the military operations we can envision.

What we really need is an enormous transformation of OUR OWN ECONOMY. Al Gore was right. Our global common enemy is climate change. Our common solution is ENERGY - clean, renewable energy. Clean skies that we may capture pure sunlight, and no longer poison our atmosphere with our waste.

Enormous transformations are needed, and every budding scientist and engineer can be put to work. Cars that do not run on gas - every car in America converted. New kinds of batteries to capture the sunlight, wind, and wave power. Every home in America properly insulated - imagine the building boom from that! And this is just the beginning - no telling how far the transformations can go.

Obama needs our prayers.

Thanks for your contributions to our understanding,
Gail Murray