Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Golden Path

The golden path comes right to where you are...

This photo was taken from the small deck of my cabin, Edgewater 3, at Three Mile Island Camp in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire. I sat in the dawn watching the light come, until finally it came in a golden path right to me.

I moved down the path and looked at the water, and lo! It came to me there. I moved to various points along the shore, and at every point, the golden path of light came right to where I was.

How incredible is this? What a symbol for how God's grace moves with us. No matter where we are, it comes to us right there.

At night the moonlight on the water makes a silver path, elegant and lovely, coming right to me.

If the sun is obscured by clouds or the water is stirred by wind, it will be almost impossible to see the golden path. Seeing it requires a certain tranquility and clarity in the atmosphere, just as feeling God's grace requires the same of us - a willingness to be still, to open one's inner being and behold the beauty that is everywhere, just waiting to be seen.

gg murray 1/5/06