Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Breathing While Swimming

This morning comes a dawning thought that my life... is a success. Right here, right now, without having to accomplish a single thing more, my life is a success. All I ever need to do, from now until the day I die is to imagine what is wanted, and move my vibration to the next good-feeling place. That’s it.

No more struggle, no more trying to please some external sense of goodness. Just be aware in the moment, and shift my vibration to allow in the good.

No concentration, incantation, willing, or force. Simply, gently, shifting my vibration to allow in the good.

This implies a deep trust in the goodness that is wanting to come. We call it the love of God, divine Grace, and imagine all kinds of deeds and rituals that must be performed to be worthy of it. When in fact we are worthy simply by being alive. We are worthy and think we are cursed. Now we can awake to the grace that is given, allow its beneficent leavening action in our lives.

I trust that by opening to the grace that is given, my needs will be met. I will know the next good thing to do, and I will be guided in the doing of it. I trust there will be abundant love – flowing through me, to all who have need of it. I trust there will be joy abounding.

When there are difficult things to do, I trust I will have the courage to do them, and the inspiration to see a way through.

When I was a child I learned the art of breathing while swimming. How to make my lungs into a natural flotation device. How to let air out so I could dive deep and play somersaults below the surface. How to hold air in, pushing my belly out to stay on the surface.

Now let me practice this shifting of vibration until it becomes as natural to me as breathing while swimming. So that I will be safe and buoyant on land and in the depths of the sea.

gg murray 6/1/05