Thursday, April 21, 2005

On Being Pro-Life and Pro-Choice

I am a pro-life and pro-choice woman.

I have had an abortion and I have written a living will.

I think those people who really want to have a children, should. On the other hand, those who do not want children or are not sure, should wait.

I believe that life is eternal, that who we are, we are forever. We exist in the Divine before we are conceived, during this life, after this life, and through all lives we may experience. I believe we are here on Earth to love, to choose, to create, and to grow. I think we are guided all the time, even when we choose not to listen to that inner guidance.

I think we have a relationship of mystery, trust, and interdependence with all other life forms on the planet. We must choose wisely how we handle those relationships too.

To be in the position of considering abortion means there has been a mistake, a serious mistake that will affect the whole of a woman's life, and very likely her family and community as well. It means there has been a failure of responsibility and caring by the two people involved. Perhaps there is a marriage that is not strong enough to bear this child. Or perhaps there was ignorance, a casual relationship, or worse, a rape. In any case, there was a failure of respect for life, and now another life may compound the error.

There are those who will choose to go ahead with a pregnancy, trusting God to provide them with the courage and resources that are needed. I do not disagree with this choice, if it is honestly made. We are all different, and what would be a blessing for one person is a road not taken by another. That is why we have a mind and heart and inner guidance: to choose.

I believe that the fetus is a living being, even though physically undeveloped. It is like an idea in its early stages. And just as we do not accept every idea that is presented to us, and we do not allow every seed that sprouts in our garden to grow, in this case we find ourselves needing to exercise the deepest discernment - to know whether to go forward with this life or not.

I believe those who desire to come forth and be born into this world, will come forth, even if they are turned away many times. There are powerful spiritual lessons every time, no matter how brief or how long the human experience is. I believe the spirit continues unharmed, safe in its everlasting Source, just as my own life will continue, after I leave this body.

And the woman must find healing for the misjudgements or confusion or lack of self-respect that led to the circumstance of unwanted preganancy. This is not a trivial process, finding the emotional and spiritual healing that will enable her to grow, choose wisely, and have the courage to learn from this experience.

Choosing life in this context means choosing one's own life too. Making the best decision we can make given person we are, and the person we most aspire to be.

gg murray 4/21/05